Get In on Our Launch

Opportunities don’t just come when you want them to.  You might have a perfectly awesome job and be totally happy with where you’re at.  Or, you might like your work a little, get paid a good salary and put in an easy 8 hours a day.

You’re not looking for a job, we get it.  But shouldn’t you always know what’s out there and what you’re worth?  That’s where Step comes in.  It’s free for professionals, and here are some of the things you’ll get:

  • See which startups are searching on you and what they’re paying out for salary and equity
  • Know how your salary compares to people who are just like you
  • See which of your skills are getting you found and which ones are meh
  • Find out whenever your ideal job comes your way
  • Stay open to opportunities while staying incognito

Our platform works for you, while you’re working at your job. Hey, we may even send you that perfect job — but only if you want.

Don’t miss out. Sign up for our launch.

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